In 2000, I went with my older brother to the Mayday in Dortmund. I can still remember it today, when I’ve first stepped into the gigantic Westfalenhalle in Dortmund. The bass punching through my whole body, the energy of all that dancing people. From that moment on, I knew, and know still today, that Techno is way more than just music.

After that experience, I got way deeper into electronic music, started producing and bought turntables. I’ve started listening to Trance and Technolectro. Then I experienced a set of legend DJ Rush, which totally blew my mind. That rough, energetic, funky Techno sound was my new love. Growing older, listening to more and more Techno and going to underground clubs leaded to the development of an  an own style of  “Rob van Hell” Techno.

Of course, that’s always a progress, and hopefully, Rob van Hell sounds in 2030 different, but I think, some of the main elements will be the same.

For me, those key elements are first of all the low end. A deep, punching kick, subtil, but noticeable bass-line, is always the fundamental. I always try to experiment as much as possible with sounds. As I play drums, guitar, bass and sax, there are always instruments and effects lie around my studio.
Another big part is the mixing process. I always try to do as much work as possible in my studio, including premastering for club tests / demos.

However, I have a great respect for mastering engineers and leave the mastering to the exports.

If you are interested in my interpretation of techno, either as DJ or as producer, you can contact me via info@robvanhell.com