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As an electronic music artist, DJing / playing live is a major part of the artistic process. For me, it’s important to test new tunes and learn, what moves the crowd. As Rob van Hell I play dark, energetic, techno. I always try to fit in the mood of the night, to create a seamless experience for the crowd.

With Hard Techno as main Rob van Hell genre, I always like to play some alternative sets. I love the vibes of deep house, the artistic possibilities of Minimal Techno and the massive energy of Drum and Bass or Hardcore.

My preferred setup is 2-3 Pioneer CDJ 850 (or higher) and a Xone:92 (or higher). I totally like playing on Pioneer DJM, the Nexus series really set a new standard. But I use effects very minimal, but work a lot with eq. I always had the subjective impression that the Xone equalizers are a bit more effective and have an overall more natural felling. Of course, a good monitoring system is important.
However, all preferences aside, as long as it has USB oder CD and a mixer in between, I will play my set. Because that’s what I’ve learned over the years.
It’s not about technic.

Because, how DJs work will improve further. Mixing with modern technology, digital sound and auto sync, maybe AI will pop next track suggestions tomorrow.

But still, with all technological advances, there will always be a DJ behind some decks. Because it’s not about mixing track after track after track. It’s about receiving the vibe from the audience, and channel the energy back to the crowd. It’s not about the line up, fancy LED walls or hypes. Techno is born in dark warehouses, with only bass and strobes.