Press Kit

Rob van Hell
DJ / Producer / Live Act
Genre: Pure Techno

Rob van Hell is the DJ / Producer / Live Act project from Robin Welzbacher, located in the Ruhr Area in Germany.
The project is dedicated to pure techno- the feel an vibe from the 90s and 2000s, upgraded for the modern sound of clubs and festivals.
Raw, hypnotic, minimal, detroit- we call it pure techno.



Apple Music:


+49 177 183 2361

Technical Rider:

Prefered System:
2x Pioneer CDJ (min. CDJ 350)
Xone 92/96 or Pioneer DJM
Decks should be 100 cm (3,3 ft) above ground

However, I can work with everything that has pitch control and a crossfader.

I can provide my own system (additional fees might apply)
Vinyl only sets on request!